Yarny will tug on your heartstrings and test your brain in Unravel


You didn’t expect to fall in love with a tiny red string creature during EA’s E3 presentation last year did you? When Swedish indie studio Coldwood’s Martin Sahlin appeared on the stage with his very own homemade Yarny, the collective hearts of the gaming world duly melted. And it turns out we had a good reason to go all squishy. Having played the first two levels of Yarny’s adventures in Unravel I can without a doubt tell you that this game would like nothing more than to very gently break your heart. It would also probably like to break your controller, with its occasional ‘Oh God, why don’t I understand physics?’ moments. 

As if it’s going through a checklist of things that have an above average chance of making you cry, Unravel starts off with an elderly woman. She’s alone. Tick. She’s sad. Oh God is that a tear? Tick. But what’s this? Yarny wants to fix things by journeying into the happy pictures of days gone by? *Sob* Even before you get into its beautiful levels, Unravel never wants to let you forget you’re dealing with those pesky feels. The central hub is the woman’s house, complete with ‘home sweet home’ cushions (in Swedish) and the kind of cluttered, comfortable mess you associate with grandparents, and potentially the taste of Werther’s Original. Add in a gently chirpy string soundtrack from a Swedish folk band and you’ve got a recipe for a platformer with heart. Once more with feelings, so to speak.