Wincars Racer is Arcade Racing With a Little Strategy


619988052_preview_Wincars Racer4.png

Wincars Racer wants to bring some strategy to the lighthearted fun of arcade racers. While you may find sharks jumping over you as you race across a beach, you’ll still be using serious plans to win over your opponents. This is because, instead of adding goofy power-ups, the developers at DragonJam Studios have given players an array of powers to choose from, each with cooldowns or other restoring criteria to make sure they’re used intelligently.

A free open beta is available on the game’s site for anyone who wants to try it out. I’m down for any fun racer that doesn’t involve me getting blue shelled, so I’m in.

For more information on Wincars Racer and DragonJam Studios, you can head to the game’s site or follow them on Facebook, YouTube, IndieDB, and Twitter. The game is also looking for votes on Steam Greenlight.


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