Wii U still leads the PS4 in lifetime sales in Japan



The Wii U is still the best-selling console of this generation in Japan, thanks to the latest charts from the region. A look at sales for each console through the latest holiday period shows the Wii U maintains a 57% market share lead over Sony’s PlayStation 4, which only commands 42% of the market. The Xbox One sits at less than 1% of market share. So what does that look like in real numbers?

  • Wii U Total Sales: 3,020,227
  • PlayStation 4 Total Sales: 2,261,079
  • Xbox One Total Sales: 64,543

Microsoft obviously sent the Xbox One out to die when they released it in Japan, but the Wii U is still holding its own against the PlayStation 4 in the region. Of course, the Wii U has been out longer so it’s possible the PS4 will eclipse this in the future, a strong game catalogue has certainly helped the Wii U this holiday season.

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