What Horrors Lurk in the Old Box?



A developer known as D Clayne wanted to make a game, but after many failed prototypes, he didn’t know what to do. Still, he had one idea that kept bugging him – one that featured an old blue box from one of his nightmares. In the dream, he couldn’t open it, but he knew there was something terrible within. Now, he’s at work making a game of it, cataloguing the strange occurrences that have begun dogging his life during its development and putting them in the game. Like the box from his dreams showing up on his doorstep.

Old Box is about the box from the developer’s dream, which has apparently popped up at his house. And he’s started getting odd phone calls. And is having nightmares about it. Coming to iOS, you can join the developer in exploring the strange nightmare world his life has become, all while hoping this newfound connection doesn’t bring the old box to your house, too.

For more information on Old Box and D Clayne (Delicuper), you can head to the Touch Arcade forum post about it or follow the developer on YouTube.


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