Weekend Warrior – Looking For Our Shadow


February is here, and Groundhog’s Day already came and went. Since the little critter couldn’t find his shadow, spring is apparently on its way, but here at the frigid GI headquarters we’re taking no chances. Safely nestled in the warmth of our homes, we’ll be blasting aliens in XCOM 2 and solving brain-teasers in The Witness all weekend, trapped in a loop of addictive gaming that would make Bill Murray proud. 

Here’s what we’re playing this weekend. Let us know what you’ve got planned in the comments. 

Ben Hanson (@yozetty) – This weekend I'm
hoping to slow things down and get tactical with XCOM 2. I'll be streaming the
game from my beefy computer in the living room to my crap-tastic laptop in my
bedroom so I can have a more proper mouse and keyboard set up. I'm really
looking forward to being obliterated by those ugly aliens. Other than that,
I'll probably continue to mindlessly search for diamonds in Minecraft while
listening to podcasts. It's a living. Have a good weekend!

Kyle Hilliard (@KyleMHilliard) – I am still having a great time with The Witness, so I hope to beat
that this weekend. It's a game I would like to fully complete though, so I
don't think I will be stopping even after seeing the credits. Otherwise I will
be getting over a cold (or possible a sinus infection) by hanging out with the
family and trying not to breathe in their general direction.

Luke Walaszek (@Urzashottub) – I’m pretty stoked about Fates coming out in a few weeks, so
I’ve been playing Fire Emblem: Awakening pretty religiously for the past few
days.  I expect to have it finished this
weekend. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish Jill’s campaign in the Resident Evil REmake
on PS4, too. But before any of that, there’s a certain gun-toting witch calling
me back to Smash 4… 

Mike Futter (@futterish) – This weekend, I’m going to be playing some XCOM 2 (which
means I’m going to be spending more time in the character creator). I’ll also
be digging back into Just Cause 3 as I try not to spend my life savings on the
Steam sale. 

Tim Turi (@timturi) – I buckled and purchases a Shovel
Knight amiibo not long ago, and was delighted to discover how much fun
two-player co-op is after scanning the little guy onto my Wii U Gamepad. I’m
looking forward to taking on the Sorceress once again, this time with a friend.
I also plan on making a bigger dent in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, again with
help from my amiibo friends.

Connor Trinske (@gwubba) – I finished Dragon’s Dogma again
recently, so now it’s on to that new copy of Gravity Rush Remastered that I
just picked up. If what I’ve heard over the years is any indication, I’m ready
to experience an involving setting, unique art design and great music, all
wrapped in malignant combat and a bad camera. I hope I don’t regret buying it
by the end of the weekend. Wish me luck!


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