We could keep you here forever: Superhot explores the dark side of VR


You won’t have to dig very deep inside the time-bending first-person shooter Superhot to find a ton of weird stuff. The game boots like a futuristic, VR-version of an early-90s IBM PC, complete with DOS-inspired loading bars, text, and the sound of a hard disk whirring away in the background. You can go right to the meat of it, chipping away at levels in which time only moves when you move, shooting crystalline enemies and watching them shatter into a million glorious pieces which hover in the air until you take your next step. Or you can poke around its folders looking for something else lurking in the digital shadows of this fake computer.

Strewn amongst the weird ‘demoscene’ programmer art and chatroom programs is a folder labelled ‘Videos’. Inside that folder is a file labelled ‘rsm.avi’. Booting it up streams a video compressed into barely discernable ASCII-like characters, as a robotic voice reads off ad copy for a brand new VR game. His words make it sound like a grand ol’ time, but everyone in the video is screaming bloody murder and convulsing wildly, as if the game is ripping their brain out through their eyeballs.