Upgraded PS4 “Neo” console will reportedly only allow better graphics



We’re getting more reports about Sony’s upgraded PS4 console, codenamed “Neo”. The new console with have a graphics processor that’s twice as powerful as in the original PS4.

And developers can use that added processing to make their games look a lot better, but they are not allowed to have gameplay features that are exclusive to the Neo console.

Furthermore, every PS4 game must run on the Neo and regular PS4 — no Neo exclusive PS4 games.

Sony has reportedly been telling developers to get a “Neo” version of their games ready for this Fall. The Neo versions of games could have better visuals and increased frame rate, and perhaps even support 4K. But nothing more.

In addition to a much faster GPU, the CPU will also be faster: from 1.6 GHz in the regular PS4 to 2.1 GHz in the Neo. And the memory will run at a faster rate as well.

There’s also an interesting new revelation: the Neo console will allow games an extra 512 MB of memory — 5.5GB compared to 5GB in the regular PS4.

Finally, the Neo console will be sold alongside the regular PS4, and both will share the same PlayStation Network, meaning that both Neo and regular PS4 players will be able to play together online.

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