Ubisoft prepares to punish Division exploiters


The Division

The Division‘s new arena-style ‘raid’, Falcon Lost, is causing headaches of Destiny loot cave proportions. By vaulting portable cover to glitch through walls, it’s possible skip huge portions of the encounter and simply nuke the final boss for its tasty loot. Beaten this way, the weekly Incursion isn’t registering completion, allowing the unscrupulous to farm high end gear at an obscene rate.

PvP in the Dark Zone has been thrown way out of whack as honest players struggle to compete with those geared to the hilt. It doesn’t appear that there’s an easy fix either—this isn’t a single exploit but a whole range of wall hacks that leverage the portable shield. The same method was used to get players into unused areas potentially reserved for DLC, such as Central Park and the USS Intrepid. The video below is one of myriad Falcon Lost farming glitches littering YouTube.