Two Tribes says RIVE is their final game release



Today Two Tribes posted a blog update about RIVE, but the news is bittersweet as the team have announced that RIVE will be their last game. The game is scheduled to be released on Xbox One, PS4, Wii U, and PC sometime this year.

To put it short, the team says they feel like dinosaurs when it comes to today’s game market.

As said, we’ve been working in the games industry since early 2000, making us dinosaurs, old farts, grandfathers or whatever you want to call us. This is great, because we’ve got a lot experience, but it also means that we act like a typical grandfather: slow and totally unaware of what is hot and what is not. Don’t get us wrong: we absolutely love making games, and we strongly feel that we’re good at making them. However, ask us anything about new industry developments, and often a big question mark will appear above our heads.

Two Tribes says it will remain operational to support their current titles, but they have no plans to develop any new games after RIVE is complete.

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