Twilight Princess HD Wolf Link amiibo dungeon has 40 levels



Yesterday we revealed a bit of new information about the upcoming Twilight Princess HD, including new information about how the Wolf Link amiibo functions. Today, we have even more information courtesy of the same translators. Yesterday we learned about the Bottomless Wallet and a potential name change for the Twilight Cave, but there’s a bit more to the dungeon as well.

This news is a mix of what we learned yesterday with new bits at the bottom, bulleted for easy reading.

  • Thorough Battle is a catchphrase that probably won’t appear in the actual game
  • Famitsu specifically refers to the new dungeon as a cave and Twilight Cave was confirmed by a retailer leaking info
  • Wolf Link is the only character able to do this dungeon, so regular items and healing items can’t be used
  • Completing the dungeon rewards the Bottomless Wallet if you own the Giant’s Wallet
  • The dungeon contains 40 floors to get through
  • Each new floor will have enemies that pop up and obstacles like lava
  • Enemies become stronger as you progress through the dungeon

Of course, we’ll likely hear more about this dungeon in a later Nintendo Direct, but it appears that my earlier assumptions about the dungeon were right and this is a challenge dungeon for players who want the extra challenge, rather than an entirely new dungeon with story content.

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