Trailer Roundup for March 9, 2016


overcooked.gifIt’s time for another trailer roundup! There won’t be one next week, unfortunately, so this one is a bit larger than usual with 13 trailers. Today’s picks include savory dishes, shooting, stories, silliness, scares, and singing.

Assault Android Cactus
Windows, OS X, Linux, PS4, Vita Wii U | $15 | Available now

In case you missed it, Assault Android Cactus is a great twin-stick shooter. Now you can get it on PS4.

Windows, OS X, Linux, Mobile | $TBA | Mid 2016 | Greenlight

From developer Fernando Córdoba: “BalanCity is a mixture between a city building game like SimCity and a
casual physics stacker game like Jenga on a 2d side view.”

Before You Sleep
Windows, OS X, Linux | $20+ | June 2017 | Kickstarter | Demo (Windows)

This game is to be a “survival social” game. The devolpers don’t mean social as in Facebook. Rather, the game is about lasting 30 days in a social setting based on how the player interacts with others.

Windows | reg. $10 | Available now

Story-driven twin-stick shooter Bezier is now available on Steam. If you like games that’ll mess with you, you should grab it.

Blueprint Tycoon
Windows, OS X, Linux | $TBA | Spring 2016 | Greenlight

A basebuilder with a focus on manufacturing and making a profit.

iOS, Android | Free (IAP) | Available now

From developer Imperial Unit: “Eat to survive through hundreds of challenging puzzles that will get your tail wagging and brain bursting. With a buffet of adorable animals, exotic locations, gorgeous graphics and unique puzzle mechanics – mass extinction has never been so much fun!”

March of the Living
Windows, Mac | $TBA | Q2 2016 | Greenlight

A sidescrolling roguelite about surviving amongst zombies on foot.

Windows | $5 | Available now

A horror game in which the player is a novelist looking for material for a novel. The game writes your story out as you play, depending on how you play.

Midnight at the Celestial Palace
Windows | $TBA, episodic | Late 2016 | Greenlight

Developer Orrery Games is calling this a point and click musical.

Windows, Mac | $TBA | June 2016

This is the teaser trailer for Cyan’s spiritual successor to Myst. If The Witness wasn’t Mysty enough for you, look here. Although no price has been announced, Kickstarter backers could secure a digital copy starting at $25.

Windows, PS4, XB1 | $TBA | Release TBA

Crazy co-op cooking.

Windows, OS X, Linux | $TBA | March 2016 | Greenlight | Demo (Win, OS X)

An interesting dungeon crawler with real-time combat which appears to require the player to shift party members back and forth along columns in corridor-like dungeons.

Windows, OS X | £9+ | March 2017 | Kickstarter | Demo (Windows)

When I first opened the email about this game, I thought I was looking at a board game, but it’s not. Strategy board games are obviously an inspiration here, though.


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