Trailer Roundup for March 23, 2016


1smallfire.jpgFrom solitary treks across vast distances to dealing with the mazes of one’s own thoughts or setting things on fire, today’s trailer roundup covers a lot of ground.

Windows, OS X, Linux | $TBA | Sometime 2016

A future space gold rush type game with cool terraforming capabilities and co-op support.

Windows | $13 | Early Access April 14

This is a simulator about going on a road trip in a beat up old Jalopy to cross the eastern bloc just after the fall of the Berlin Wall. It’s being published by the the same folks who publish games like Euro Truck Simulator.

One Small Fire At A Time
Windows, OS X, Linux | $TBA | Q2 2016 | Greenlight

Kidalang is looking for Greenlight votes for One Small Fire At A Time, prequel to their excellent visual novel An Octave Higher. One Small Fire At A Time is to dig deeper into the oppressive institutions of Overture society, this time with a focus on a character who is put in an insane asylum just because they have no magic.

iOS | Free (IAP) | Available now

This is a silly game about a giant whale monster flopping on top of skyscrapers.

Sky Hop Saga
iOS, Android | Free (IAP) | Available Now

An isometric endless… runner? Adventure game? It doesn’t really fit neatly into any one genre, but it does look interesting.

Sneaky Ninja
Windows, OS X, Linux, WiiU | $TBA | Spring 2016

When last Sneaky Ninja made it into one of these trailer roundups, it was on Kickstarter. Now it’s getting close to release and this newest trailer shows off a lot more gameplay.

Spaceman Sparkles 3D
Windows | $5 | Available now

From developer tjern: “Spaceman Sparkles 3D is a frantic and groovy action shooter that takes place in a thumpin’ disco universe, this time with a mysterious magical space hat of sparkling origins. Orbit around tiny planets, shoot space ghosts with space hearts, crack heart-gems and get keys in your adventure to save space.”

Windows, PS4, PSVR | $TBA | Sometime 2016

This newest trailer of Thumper shows a full minute of uninterrupted advanced gameplay. It’s the first footage showing multiple lanes and things are going fast. Along with the release of this trailer, it was announced that Thumper is headed to PlayStation VR.

Windows, OS X, Linux | $10 | April 2016 | Greenlight

From developer Bludgeonsoft: “Vilmonic is an artificial life simulator sandbox game that takes place in a lonely distant future. You are the last caretaker of the final few life forms on the planet. Protect each animatroid and fungolite species, analyze their DNA, selectively breed new species, craft tools and buildings, dig rivers and make new islands, find ancient tech, and fend off the ancient mindless haywire zombitons… Craft Farm Breed Evolve!”

The Writer: A Change of Identity
Windows | $TBA | Release TBA | Greenlight | Demo

From developer invertedhuman: “Before you are stories of the subconscious mind that the Writer recorded during the Identity Change Experiment. Please read these stories and gather the thoughts up together; they are locked away in the story and it is only you that can set them free, give them meaning. The story of the subconscious is in your hands.”


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