This Ark: Survival Evolved mod takes the dinos into outer space


ARK space header

Given the fact Ark: Survival Evolved still roams the plains of Early Access, a staggering a number of mods are already available for the survival dinosaur-’em-up. Much imagination lies in its ever-growing list of total conversion mods—not least modder DavidBC’s Ark Moon Survival, a total conversion that swaps the base game’s swaying palm trees and shimmering vistas for the vacuum of outer space and the surface of the moon. 

“The Astronomia space traveling company just discovered what appears to be dinosaur bones on the surface of the moon,” reads the mod’s Steam Workshop description. “In the samples back to Earth after the Apollo 16 mission, some bones seem to be dinosaurs bones dating from prehistoric times.”

Following this discovery, we’re told that our role as a “rookie space traveler” is to stay alive long enough to learn more about the what, where and whens of this fossilised matter, while simultaneously scouring the moon’s surface for ores and resources to craft tools, survival aids and, if necessary, weapons. Judging by the latter moments of this cinematic, I’m fairly certain the answer is: definitely necessary.