The PS4 accounted for 50% of Ubisoft’s revenue last quarter



The PlayStation 4 has sold 40 million units to date, and besides Sony, the biggest beneficiaries of the success of the PS4 are the game publishers. Ubisoft recently released their quarterly earnings report, which showed just how dependent on the PS4 they are.

The PS4 accounted for nearly 50% of revenue for the company, which is up from 23% the year before. The Xbox One accounted for 31% of revenue this quarter, up from 19%.

The Wii U? 0%.

Ubisoft also announced that The Division has 9.5 million registered users, however, that doesn’t mean it sold 9.5 million units, as users can create multiple accounts.

In total, Ubisoft made 130 million Euros in profit last year on 1.4 Billion in sales.


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