The Last Door: Season 2 – Collector's Edition


lastdoor2.jpgYears of meditation allowed me to restrain myself and I had thus so far avoided jumping into the (excellent according to everyone) webisodes of the second season of The Last Door, despite absolutely loving season 1. Why, you ask? Simple really. Because I just had to wait for the complete Collector’s Edition of the thing in order to properly enjoy the best Lovecraftian (with definite hints of Poe too, admittedly) point-and-click series the indie scene has to offer in its complete and most polished form.

I still haven’t played through the four episodes (and one vignette) on offer, but I’m taking my time and really letting the wonderfully crafted interactive stories work their spooky magic. Everything, you’ll be happy to know, feels pretty much excellent so far and, possibly, even better than season 1.

The Last Door: Season 2 – Collector’s Edition by The Game Kitchen and POStudios is available for Windows, Mac and Linux on Steam, GOG, Humble Store and the Phoenix store.


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