The Doom beta is already the most exciting FPS of 2016


The Doom beta – which finished on Monday, but we’ve just heard is restarting next week – had two game modes. It had two maps. It had (probably) the full multiplayer weapon-set, but only three pieces of special equipment – read: grenades and teleporters – and one of the playable demons that will be in the final version. But I played it for a full nine hours on Saturday, and even that wasn’t enough. 

The ostensibly limited number of options didn’t matter. The game at the core of those options – its every interactive element tuned up to deliver escalating, moment-to-moment glee through its thoughtful, free-form carnage – was everything I needed. In fact it felt so complete, so robust, so rich and fully formed, that I can’t quite believe it’s gone away. 

At this point, I need to start explaining myself, because if you weren’t in the beta, or only had time for a short dabble, I probably sound like a lunatic.