The Division Update Improves Drop Rates And Closes Some Exploits Tomorrow


The Division will be update tomorrow in order to rebalance some skills, enhance some loot drops, and patch some exploits. If you’ve had a favorite farming spot, you might want to make the most of it now.

Starting tomorrow, you won’t be able to camp the same named enemy spawns. Those baddies won’t simply respawn after being killed in the open world.

Ubisoft is rebalancing the “trained” talent that appears on weapons. When used in combination with some weapons, it allowed players to keep signature skills available 100 percent of the time. 

That talent now only appears on shotguns, marksman rifles, and pistols. If another weapon type carries that talent now, it’ll be replaced with a random one after the update.

Dark Zone gets a few important tweaks, also. You can now heal neutral players with first aid and support station skills. The rewards for surviving rogue status or killing a rogue agent have been beefed up.

You’ll now get ammo, medkits, and grenades from killing players in the Dark Zone. Loot will be generated rather than taken from other players’ inventories. You’ll also lose less experience and dark zone funds when dying in those areas.

Dark Zone drops have been drastically improved. High-end item drop rates have been increased from level 31 and 32 named NPCs. High-end Division tech material drops have been improved from level 32 named NPCs. You’ll also get better items from chests, with Rank 30 chests dropping purples instead of blues and key chests having the chance to deliver gold items.

You can read the full update on Ubisoft’s website. You can also read our review for our thoughts on the game.


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