The Division PC graphics options have leaked, and they're plentiful


The Division Turret

A closed beta for The Division will kick off on January 29, allowing a privileged number of PC owners to finally get their hands on the game. The recent avalanche of gameplay footage from the shooter RPG was based on the console editions of the game, but one player already has access to the PC version, and has uploaded footage of the game’s graphics options on PC.

The video, spotted by a NeoGAF member, only shows a fleeting glimpse of the game running on low settings on a GTX 650 TI with 1gb, 8gb of memory and an i5. On that rig the game maintains a framerate between 55 and 65. That bodes well for folk with a modest rig, but the gameplay footage is too brief to know how that holds up during moment-to-moment gameplay.

As for the graphics options, they’re as follows (via NeoGAF):

Vsync (on/off)
Frame Rate Limit (on/off)
Shadow Quality
Shadow Resolution
Spot Shadow Count
Spot Shadow Resolution
Contact Shadows
Post FX AA
Temporal AA
Sharpen Image (%)
Particle Detail
Enable Wind-affected Snow
Volumetric Fog
Reflection Quality
Local Reflection Quality
Sub-surface Scattering
Anisotropic Filtering
Parallax Mapping
Ambient Occlusion
Depth of Field
Object Detail (%)
Extra Streaming Distance (%)
Chromatic Aberration (on/off)
Lens Flare (on/off)
Vignette Effect (on/off)

To see the game in action on Xbox One, check out Chris Livingston’s impressions. We’ll be sure to post more once we get our hands on the PC version. The Division releases March 8.


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