The Beautiful Port of the Board Game 'Tsuro' Should Hit the App Store February 4th

TsuroA few months back I got to play the upcoming port of the tile-laying game Tsuro from Calliope Games, and I was thoroughly impressed by how good that game looked. After many rounds of beta testing and a pretty long gestation period, Thunderbox Entertainment’s Tsuro should be finding its way to your mobile device February 4th. If you haven’t played the physical version, Tsuro is all about laying tiles while trying to keep your token on the board longer than any other player. There will be many moments when you’ll be forced to use a tile that sends your token in a direction you know won’t work for you, and those moments can be pretty fun. Overall, the game is pretty simple to grasp but offers a good amount of strategy as you try to keep your token around while forcing other players’ tokens off the board.

Tsuro – 30 Second Preview from Thunderbox on Vimeo.

The app is, as I’ve already said, gorgeous with lovely animations and a general soothing feel that makes playing the game solo quite a lovely experience. Still, the game offers more than just solo play; Tsuro will ship with pass and play, online multiplayer, variant rules, and more, making it a fully-featured board game suitable both for those who like solo games and those who enjoy multiplayer challenges. If you enjoy board games on your devices, definitely keep an eye for Tsuro, coming (probably) February 4th.