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Latin is a killer language.

Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

This was almost a standalone episode of The 100 – all things being relative, of course – as it dealt with a villain, Emerson, who was not connected to the main plotlines at all. It was fun to have an episode operate in this different manner, as Emerson stalked Clarke and the others (that night vision sequence was quite effective), and almost made me wish Emerson would have survived to keep popping up as The 100’s version of The X-Files’ Krycek.

But I say almost because damn, he got a satisfying death. Having Clarke use the Flame/Alie 2 as a weapon in that manner was a great payoff and wow, Emerson died in a big manner, bleeding out from his mouth and eyes. Plus, I’m glad it was, in a way, Sinclair who managed to stop Emerson too, since he’s the one who figured out the words to activate the Flame…

…Because, nooooooo, not Sinclair! I was really sad to see him go. We were just getting to see more of the father/daughter bond between him and Raven and it was cool to see him out with the gang these last couple of episodes. But hey, maybe one day Raven can find out he was her actual father, like Lindsey Morgan told me she’s theorized.

It certainly was emotional seeing the funeral pyre Sinclair and Lincoln got, with both characters getting a proper send off and those who loved them given the chance to say their goodbyes – even though Octavia, after letting out all her grief, then snapped back into warrior mode and was the first to say it was time to leave.

Back in Polis, there were a couple of nice surprises near the end of the episode – both Jaha’s arrival in Ontari’s court and then the fact that Emori was working with him (and Alie), having taken one of the chips – which also gave new insight into how intrigued/excited she seemed when she saw Becca’s ship. The final image, of Alie herself, now sitting – well, in her non-corporeal way – on the throne, flanked by Jaha and Ontari herself, was a very compelling one. Though I feel like we needed one more scene to help show Ontari decide to take one of the chips herself. We know she’s playacting as Commander, but she also doesn’t want to look weak in front of anyone, and it just felt like a bit more time could have been spent showing how she decided this was her best course of action.

Let’s end with some bullet points…

-Monty had a very funny/commendable observation with “Following the creepy music is a bad idea.”

-Emerson figuring out that Bellamy was still in hiding was a nice way to up his threat and while no, I didn’t expect even The 100 to kill half the cast at once, it sure was freaky seeing them all suffocating.

-“Alie 2” is a pretty silly name (and reminds me of Audrey 2 from Little Shop of Horrors every time they say it). I think I’ll try and stick to the Flame.

-Emerson was always a nasty guy, but him again bringing up that Clarke killed children in Mount Weather – his own included – was still notable. As is often the case, the past weighs heavily on The 100. But it was still nice to see Emerson bleed out of his face holes.

-I don’t want to see Clarke and Bellamy as a couple, but I do like seeing them work together, going back to their road to cooperation in Season 1. Bringing up the innocent blood on Clarke’s hands (which, in the case of Mount Weather, she shares with Bellamy) is a semi-effective way to help sell them again being allies after the poorly executed Bellamy heel turn, even while the murders he participated in this season are far less defensible than what happened in Mount Weather. Yes, you could make a compelling argument that Bellamy’s actions helping Pike led to Lexa’s death, but Clarke herself has so much blood on her hands, would she really hold that over him during this new crisis? I don’t think she would, even if she likely would ponder the connection.

-Speaking of Pike, the fact that Kane is on the way to Polis with prisoner Pike and those Grounders just got a lot more interesting now that Jaha and Alie beat them there. Might Pike and Kane need to work together all of the sudden?

The Verdict

We’re sure getting a lot of lead up to Luna at this point (loved the callback with Lincoln’s journal from Season 1), as Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia and Jasper set out to find her. In the meantime, Alie is now, essentially, the Commander, given she’s controlling Ontari, which means she has a huge army to call upon. Which is a very scary thought for everyone else.

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