Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: "Revenge of the Triceratons" Review



“Hello, horn-heads — and goodbye!”

After last week’s big crossover episode, “Revenge of the Triceratons” got back to the heart of the matter (or “Heart of Darkness of the matter,” if you like), as Captain (ha!) Mozar and his crew launched another attack on the Turtles. Admittedly, this episode didn’t do much in the way of advancing the plot — really, it was just another flip between one side possessing the black hole generator pieces — but it still offered some humorous and action-packed moments.

For instance, I liked how this whole episode was basically one long chase sequence, with the Triceratons throwing everything they had at Fugitoid’s superior defenses. I also dug the homage to Gremlins, which pitted April, Casey and Michelangelo against a bevy of tiny alien monsters. Some of the action here was pretty brutal too, like Casey splicing one of the Gremlins with a pizza inside the food generator. (Totally sick!) And comedy-wise, we got some more of Chris Bradford’s 2 Ruff Krew, which was fun.

This episode also featured a pretty good subplot for Donatello, who, come to think of it, hadn’t really gotten much focus this season until now. Putting Fugitoid out of commission this week was a clever of way of repositioning Donnie as the “smartest guy in the room,” so to speak. While not the deepest of character storylines, it was still nice having the Brainiest Turtle get a bit more spotlight time. (Side note: Did anyone else notice the Sonic Screwdriver-like tool on the workbench by Fugitoid’s head?)

Again, “Revenge of the Triceratons” was pretty nonessential in the grand scheme of things, but it did make good use of the characters in what was essentially a bottle episode. At this point, watching the black hole generator pieces go back and forth between the Turtles and Triceratons doesn’t have quite the devastating impact it once did, but it did at least raise the stakes for the Turtles here in the lead-up to recovering the final piece, which is slated for episode 13.

The Verdict

Coming off of “Trans-Dimensional Turtles,” this week’s TMNT felt pretty low-key, even as the Triceratons made off with the first two black hole generator pieces. Nevertheless, “Revenge of the Triceratons” included some good action beats and a solid storyline for Donatello. Also, it was nice seeing April and Casey pull their weight again this week, particularly the former.

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