Trucks only move when you move. That’s the core mechanic of the new title from LandFall Games and tinyBuild, SUPER TRUCK, out now and free to download.

Combining some of the biggest gaming innovations of 2016, SUPER TRUCK features trucks and red objects that move only when you do. And this is definitely not a joke.

What it is, is a sample of the gameplay from the upcoming “truckformer”, Cluster Truck. Your goal is to reach the goal, and to do that, you jump across trucks. There are physics and obstacles to contend with, so the gameplay doesn’t get too repetitive, with fast restart times if you touch the floor to keep things moving at a fast pace.

For this definitely not a joke release that has nothing to do with the date, SUPER TRUCK does draw a few subtle inspirations from another popular title released earlier this year. The trucks only moving when you move mechanic isn’t terribly important to the actual Cluster Truck gameplay, but I’m still glad it’s there in SUPER TRUCK.

Of course, this does get me excited for Cluster Truck, and I think anybody interested in a fast physics platformer should spend some time playing this. It’s also good for a laugh if you’re a fan of that certain other game. A lighthearted tribute that also does a good job of showing off what the final game is going to be about.


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