Super Replay – Martian Gothic: Unification (Part Ten)


Update: Benevolent Replay fan, Brian, has rescued us from ridiculous map of Martian Gothic’s Vita Base. Brian used our Super Replay footage to meticulously recreate Vita Base with an easier-to-follow overhead perspective. The map is a huge improvement over the garbage in-game map. You can download Brian’s map yourself at the bottom of this article and follow along.

Remember what you were doing back in February 2011? We do. During our Ape Escape episode of Replay, we played a game for our Roulette segment called Martian Gothic: Unification. As Tim learned, it leaned toward the survival horrible end of the survival-horror spectrum, making it a great Super Replay candidate. Four years later, we’re heading back to the red planet to see what kind of nightmarish challenges await.

If you’ve ever played a clunky PS1-era horror game and thought, “I wish I could juggle three characters and their inventory, in addition to these terrible controls,” you have a good idea of what Martian Gothic has to offer. That’s not counting the game’s unique take on voice acting and characterization. Join us as we do our best to play through the game, limited save slots permitting. We have faith.

Part Ten:

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