Stephen's Sausage Roll – Cook Up Them Dogs By Solving Brutal Puzzles



“People who think The Witness is hard know nothing of the Sausage Roll.” – Jonathan Blow, developer of The Witness.

Roll some sausages onto the grills. Cook both sides. Don’t burn them by putting the same side on a grill twice! Except Stephen, our sausage cook, has very specific controls. But that’s not the problem. The challenge is that the movements required to complete the puzzles of Stephen’s Sausage Roll are devious, requiring a razor sharp mind. I spent HOURS on the first puzzles I found. HOURS. I just wanted to cook some sausages, but this game insisted I crack open my mind and utilize all of my thought power to do so.

It’s not unfair. Its ability to teach necessary skills is elegant, showing you how to play without your knowing it. Its puzzles seamlessly blend with the world. It lets you undo any move you like. It wants you to succeed, but it demands all of your mental power to do it. If you want to know the full measure of what you are capable of as a thinking being, get Stephen’s Sausage Roll.

Stephen’s Sausage Roll is available for $29.99 from Steam and the game’s site. For more information on the game and developer Increpare, you can head to the developer’s site or follow them on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. You can also support the developer through Patreon.


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