Sort through lies and then gobble them up them in LiEat


lieat.jpgLiEat, pronounced lie-eat, is the name of a trilogy of JRPGs which are short, story-heavy, and unique. Made by Japanese developer Miwashiba, LiEat makes good use of interesting characters and limited environments.

The main character is a young dragon, freshly hatched at the beginning of the story. All dragons have some unique ability and hers is to eat lies. Whenever someone lies in her presence, the lie manifests as a creature, and if she beats it up she can eat it. Sometimes the creatures are actually truths, though, and she finds them distasteful. As if that weren’t unique enough by itself, it does tie into the gameplay. Most fights can be avoided because it’s up to the player to decide that they must be lies and initiate the battle.

LiEat is available now for Windows via Playism and Steam at a cost of $2.99. If you’re a fan of narrative-heavy games in general or JRPGs in particular, this is a good one to get.


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