Sorcery! Part 3: The Seven Serpents


sorcery3.jpgI will assume you have all already played through the first two parts of Sorcery!, look at you in a weird way if you haven’t, and promptly let you know that Sorcery! Part 3: The Seven Serpents has just been launched for Windows and Mac on Steam. It is, as you’d expect, a wonderfully illustrated and brilliantly written text adventure, though this time it is more non-linear than ever. The Seven Serpents, you see, is taking place in an impressive open world filling up two 3D maps spun off from the popular 1980s Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! gamebooks.

inkle’s Sorcery! series will conclude later this year with Part 4: The Crown of Kings releasing simultaneously on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Oh, and if you hurry up you can grab Part 3 with a lovely 25% off discount.


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