Shovel Knight has sold 1.2 million copies and 200k amiibo



Shovel Knight has done exceptionally well, according to a new post on Gamasutra outlining how well the game sold across various platforms since its release. The total number of units for the game is 1.2 million, with the Nintendo 3DS, Steam, and the Wii U making up the bulk of those sales, according to the platform breakdown chart.


In terms of physical copies, there have been 200k copies sold, with the bulk of them being sold to Wii U owners at 38% with the Nintendo 3DS version following closely behind at 37% and the PS4 making up the rest at 24%.

The amiibo has done well in stores too, with 200k units moved so far. 60k units went to Europe, with the rest being sold in North America. Sales are so strong with the amiibo that the North American distributor has re-ordered 30k amiibo.

To celebrate, developer Yacht Club Games has discounted Shovel Knight at 33% off across various platforms, including every store the game is available on. The rest of the stats are interesting if you care about the breakdown between other platforms, be sure to check out the rest of the article.

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