Sensible Pick: Super Arcade Football


SuperArcadeFootball.pngFIFA and Pro Evolution never really worked for me. They always felt like football games crafted for the TV audiences, in stark contrast to hectic, strategic masterpieces like Kick Off 2 and Sensible Soccer that always felt closer to the sport itself. Apparently, I’m not alone in this top-down obsession either, as many have tried –and failed– to replicate said exhilarating 16-bit experience. The very same experience that the freshly launched (in Early Access) Super Arcade Football is aiming for, and so far seems so very close to both replicating and updating for contemporary gamers; you know, for those people that do not actually own digital joysticks.

Super Arcade Football, though still obviously pretty early in its development, is already the most enjoyable and fluid football game I’ve played in absolutely ages. It might be a bit on the easy yet accessible side of things, but, and that’s what matters, it just flows. It’s smooth, arcade-y and allows for curve shots with added slow-mo effects for extra curviness.

Super Arcade Football by OutOfTheBit is out now on Steam’s Early Access for Windows and Mac.


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