Sci-Fi Sim Consortium: The Tower Heads To Fig For Crowdfunding


Interdimensional Games has kicked off a $300,000 funding campaign on Fig for sci-fi simulation game Consortium: The Tower, the sequel to 2014's Consortium. Consortium: The Tower is a single-player, first-person sci-fi sim that places the player in situations where they need to determine if they should fight, talk, or hide their way out of trouble.

Things take place in 2042 with a unique and new array of problems facing the human race as many of the current challenges facing humanity today have been conquered. There's a focus on the player determining the right solution for the right situation, whether that's through exploration, diplomacy, stealth, or combat.

"Our goal is nothing less than
to push the boundaries of what is possible with player directed
narrative," says Gregory MacMartin, CEO, Interdimensional Games. "Fig
is key to accomplishing that goal, providing many ways of supporting us to
build our budget and make this passion project possible."

Consortium: The Tower is planned for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.


Our Take
It's interesting to see Fig develop as a destination for upcoming titles that are looking for additional funding. I haven't played Consortium, but the premise – that of a "modern" take on Deus Ex – is somewhat compelling. If this one makes it to release I'll probably end up checking it out. in some capacity.



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