Rumor: PS4K codenamed “NEO,” upgraded CPU, GPU, and RAM



The PlayStation 4K rumors have continue, this time with Giant Bomb and their supposed sources weighing in on the rumored console.

According to sources close to Giant Bomb, the PlayStation 4K is real and Sony has given it the codename “NEO.” The system is rumored to sell at a price point of $399, putting it at the same price of the original PlayStation 4 launch. What’s more interesting is that Giant Bomb says beginning in October, developer will be required to ship games with two modes: Base and NEO. Base mode will be for the regular PlayStation 4 owners, while NEO will take advantage of the new iteration’s improved specs.

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via Giant Bomb

An additional 512 MiB will be provided for games in NEO mode, and games running on 1080p TVs will have a “more stable frame rate and higher visual fidelity.” Giant Bomb also notes that as expected, NEO will be able to output games at 4K resolution, although developers are not required to support 4K natively. Documents obtained by Giant Bomb state that Sony is mandating that when running in NEO mode, a game’s frame rate must be equal to or greater than what it would be in Base mode.

For those worried about the NEO splitting the PlayStation 4 user base, Giant Bomb suggests that everything else remains the same: both NEO and PS4 owners will play on the same servers, access the same store, have the same UI, and same PlayStation Store.

Finally, NEO might not be ready for an October launch, but developers are free to release their NEO-ready games before the console is available. Games released prior to the NEO mode requirement will require a patch, should the developer decide to, in order to support the NEO’s new specs.

[via Giant Bomb]

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