Rumor: NX won’t use x86 CPU, could be using Nvidia Tegra


Rumor: NX won't use x86 CPU and will be as powerful as Xbox One

There’s still about a year until Nintendo launches the NX and the company hasn’t shared any hardware details with the world. However, since some developers have access to the console, it’s inevitable that some leaks happen.

According to Emily Rogers, who posted accurate leaks in the past (and inaccurate), the Nintendo NX console will not use x86 CPUs as previously thought.

Furthermore, the power of the NX will be in the ballpark of the Xbox One, not the PS4, and certainly not the upcoming PS4 Neo, which has an upgraded graphics processor.

The x86 architecture is what powers PCs and the PS4 and Xbox One, and is generally very easy to develop for — with all three major platforms using the same architecture, it’s easier to make a game that runs well on all platforms that it was in the past.

The Xbox One is about 50% less powerful than the PS4 in terms of raw graphics power, while the PS4 Neo will be three times as powerful as the Xbox One.

So what kind of CPU architecture could the NX be uisng? According to a report from Semi Accurate, the NX will use an Nvidia Tegra based setup.

The Tegra is a CPU/graphics chip combo that runs an ARM processor and Nvidia graphics chip and is designed for mobile systems such as phones and tablets.

If it turns out that the NX is based on a mobile architecture, even a powerful one, there’s no chance the console can compete in terms of power with the PS4, and especially the PS4 Neo.

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