Rumor: EA has NX dev kits, wants Nintendo to add sports apps to NX



According to a new rumor (yes, another NX rumor, hurray!), EA is already in possession of Nintendo NX dev kits, and that the company is meeting with Nintendo soon to “discuss potential plans”.

This isn’t a huge surprise — everything is pointing at a 2016 launch for the NX, and if there are to be any third party support, dev kits should have been in the hands of developers and publishers months ago.

In related news, EA apparently thinks that one of the reasons the Wii U wasn’t popular was because it lacked sports apps. That’s right, sports apps — such as MLB TV, NBA, WWE Network, which EA believes contributed to the PS4 getting such a big install base.

During a December meeting between Nintendo and EA executives, EA “criticized Wii U for not having entertainment apps for MLB TV, NBA, WWE Network, NHL Gamecenter Live, etc”. according to a report.

For this reason, EA wants the NX to have these sort of sports apps in order to entice sports fans. Sports games are very big business for EA — its FIFA, NHL, and NFL sports franchises rake in over a billion dollars in sales each year.

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