Rumor: Axiom Verge could be a launch title for the NX



Axiom Verge is a classic throwback to platformers like Super Metroid and is something that Wii U fans have been waiting for a while now, but new evidence suggests the title could be a launch title for the Nintendo NX. In a recent round-up of Nintendo NX news on the site USGamer, a user by the name of “AxiomVerge” posted the following in the comments section.

I got a piece of good news today that indicates I might be able to have Axiom Verge ready for NX at launch…but basically that was as far as my source even knew. So I still have no idea what the system is like and still am reading sites like this to try and guess.

The quote was picked up by the NeoGAF community and dissected, though it’s not clear if the game’s developer Tom Happ, or the business promoter Dan Adelman made these comments. If you recognize Adelman’s name, that’s because he served as the point of contact between indie developers and Nintendo for years before leaving the company to persue helping indie developers independently.

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