Report: New PS4 Neo console to be released by September



According to French video game distributor Innelec Multimedia, Sony will release the updated PS4 “Neo” console by September — just three months from now.

Which means it will be released just ahead of the PlayStation VR headset, which is scheduled to hit the stores in October.

Many speculate that one of the main reasons Sony is updating the PS4 is to offer more power to VR games, which need to run at 90 frames per second minimum.

The PS4 Neo will feature a new GPU that is twice as powerful as the one found in the regular PS4. On top of that, it has a slightly faster CPU and RAM as well.

Recently, it was revealed that PS4 games will require a regular and a “Neo” version, with better graphics. However, developers are not allowed to put in Neo-specific gameplay or features — only the graphics are allowed to be updated.

Read on for more on the PS4 Neo specs and features.

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