Reader Discussion: Which Celebrities Would You Team Up With A Developer


Ubisoft just announced that Dean Evans, creator of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, would be teaming up with Elijah Wood’s production company SpectreVision to make an unannounced VR game. It sure sounds like an April Fools story, but it’s true. Which got us wondering what other kinds of Hollywood gaming fusions could we make?

Personally, I’m not entirely sure that celebrities need to get involved with games, but if I had to choose a combo I’d pick Valve for the game developer, because I’d like to see them make a game again (cheap burn), and I’d pick Idris Elba, because he’s so hot right now. Sure the likelihood of this happening is about 1/1,255,585, but you know what that means? …There is a chance!

What about you? What crazy celebrity/video game developer combos get you excited.


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