Reader Discussion: What Is Your Favorite Video Game Sci-fi Setting?


Sci-fi is a popular genre in the world of video games, but many of them feel generic or overused. What sci-fi settings stand out to you? What is your favorite sci-fi universe?

I first starting thinking about this topic during our recent cover story trip for Gears of War 4, because I’ve never really cared about Gears of War’s fictional world of Sera, but I thought The Coalition has done a great job adding to the series’ lore to makes that world interesting again. Even with series that I love – like Dead Space or Halo – I’ve never really cared much for their setting, because they feel a bit like generic sci-fi. Whereas Fallout has always had a unique art style and mood that makes me interested in its world (even when I find the the overall narrative lacking).

What about you? Do you have a favorite sci-fi universe? Mass Effect? BioShock? Final Fantasy?

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