Reader Discussion: Do You Like Watching People Play Terrible Games?


With Twitch, YouTube, and a host of other places available today to watch almost any game you want, anytime you wish, there’s a special kind of game that stands alone – games that are just so terrible you only play and watch them for the sheer spectacle of witnessing just how bad they are.

From the legendary E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial to Daikatana, there are tons of titles that fit the bill out there in the video game stratosphere.

Game Informer’s Replay crew is working on Martian Gothic: Unification right now, a game that I can personally say is an abysmal trainwreckbut is it fun to watch? Is watching these games fascinating? Does the schadenfreude kick in while watching someone play these bad games?

Even if you wouldn’t play one of these sometimes buggy, sometimes incomplete, sometimes downright unplayable titles – are they fun to watch others play? Let us know your favorites to watch, old or new, in the comments!


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