Reader Discussion: Do You Enjoy Brutally Challenging Games?


Next week, Dark Souls III is releasing in North America. The RPG series is, of course, notoriously known for its brutal difficulty, which is one of the game’s biggest hooks for some.

Do you enjoy hard games? I think the only genre where I really appreciate brutal difficulty is with platformers. Probably the hardest platformer I’ve played to date is Contra. Super Meat Boy and Ori and the Blind Forest are more recent examples that had me hooked. There’s a certain allure with difficult platformers, probably because of their addictively repetitive gameplay. If a game aims to be brutally challenging, I think it has to be done in a way that still holds enough charm.

Are you looking forward to Dark Sous III because of its steep difficulty, or in contrast, do you not find Dark Souls difficult enough? Do you wish more modern games had harsher difficulties? Let us know in the comments!

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