Rally the Workers of Greece in Workers in Progress: Special Edition



Disclosure: Konstantinos Dimopoulos, developer of Workers In Progress: Special Edition, is a writer for Indiegames.com.

The Greek working class are in a rough spot, being stuck with the responsibility to clear up the national debt by working harder for less pay by the current government. As the spirit of the working class, it’s up to players to decide what they want to do about these unfair conditions in Workers in Progress: Special Edition, either by setting the people to rise up and fight or attempt to work their way through the situation.

The Twine game asks players to make frequent calls about what the people should do about their unjust situation. Each decision could have cataclysmic repercussions for the people, though, so guide your revolution with a little care and wait until the time is right before making any big moves. Drawing from real-world political groups, it also attempts to teach the player a little something as they strive toward the game’s many conclusions.


Workers in Progress: Special Edition is available for free from Indie Game Stand, Itch.io, and Gamejolt, and is playable online at Philome.la. For more information on the game and Konstantinos Dimopoulos, you can head to his site and follow him on Twitter.


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