Paws Story Trailer Revealed


Swedish developer Might and Delight have revealed a new trailer for the soon to be released Shelter 2 spinoff game Paws. This standalone adventure platformer promises to be about the power of friendship and finding the strength to overcome overwhelming odds.

(Note: Trailer says “Out Now”, though the game is not releasing until March 24th)

The new trailer shows off more of what to expect in the game, as well as highlighting the wonderful aesthetic of the Shelter series. Playing as the baby lynx, the game should allow players to explore and navigate their way through a rich, atmospheric world. In addition, there will be a new track sensing ability for players to use as they try to return the young lynx to their family.

Releasing on March 24th, there will also be an expanded edition of the game called the Pitter Patter Edition. This will feature the original soundtrack created by the award winning Retro Family and Might and Delight’s first major attempt at an interactive book, The Lonesome Fog.

Paws still looks and sounds wonderful on all fronts, and I believe anybody who has enjoyed the Shelter games is going to want to give this one a serious look when it comes out. Might and Delight have created a very special universe with these games, and the opportunity to experience the setting in a new way should be worthwhile.


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