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Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

This is the penultimate week for Once Upon a Time’s fifth season. The season will bow with a two-hour finale, and following the pattern of the past, the big bad arc wrapped with this episode. “Last Rites” saw the end of Hades, and it took teamwork from the Underworld and above the ground to make it happen. Unfortunately, the battle was mired down by drama and meh dialogue.

What sort of drama? The kind where Regina went to Zelena — who is supposed to be trusting of her sister now — with the truth about Hades and Zelena didn’t listen and instead got angry with her sibling again. Their reconciliation lasted about a minute. It did come back around later, but after the bonding they experienced, Zelena should have given Regina another minute’s consideration. Sisters before misters, Zelena!

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Then there was Emma suppressing her grief. She was pushed by Charming to be sad like everyone else is when they lose someone, but then what was the point? Hook came back anyway. Emma’s experienced enough of people she loves dying, so I’m relieved Hook returned. However, any time someone is resurrected or escorted by a god back into the land of the living, it takes away from the meaningfulness of someone dying.

Thankfully, they at least didn’t show Hook coming back until after Robin’s funeral so it didn’t affect any feelings you might have had over his death. I’m far from being dead inside, but I wasn’t sad over what happened to Robin. Well, not as sad as I probably should have been. Like too many other points in Once, Robin’s death felt like ground we’ve already covered.

Let’s rewind to discuss another misstep: bringing back King Arthur. Actually, making his Broken Kingdom the Underworld is an idea worth getting behind. That was a clever way to connect the dots. But him working with Hook? Nope. The moment where Hook asked Arthur where he would have hidden his treasures was especially ridiculous. Obviously all kings hide their goods in the same places.

The Olympian crystal has potential and so do Rumple’s next actions, but the thought of Regina facing her inner Evil Queen again because of losing Robin isn’t appealing.

The Verdict

Hook being brought back wasn’t the biggest of shocks, but it was surprising to lose Robin. Unfortunately, I’m already so concerned about the inevitable struggle between good and evil that it will bring for Regina (another plot point we’re apparently going to revisit) I couldn’t focus on the weight of the loss.

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