Nintendo’s Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing mobile apps will be free to play



According to a new report from The Wall Street Journal, Nintendo’s next two smartphone games will both be free-to-play. Earlier this month Nintendo announced its next two mobile properties would be actual games instead of a communication app like Miitomo. The two games will be based on Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem properties and in the case of the Animal Crossing app, it was specifically mentioned to tie into a dedicated gaming system.

DeNA will be at the helm of these two mobile games and while the games will be free-to-play, Nintendo has stated repeatedly that they want to strike a balance between being fair to consumers and making a profit. Ultimately we’ll see if these games have pay-to-win elements like most mobile games, or if Nintendo will embrace the map pack strategy it uses with Fire Emblem in order to entice people to spend money.

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