Nintendo releases story trailer for Twilight Princess HD [VIDEO]


In case you’ve missed The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD when it was available on Nintendo’s previous two consoles, Nintendo has released a new story trailer that highlights the plot points of Twilight Princess HD.

This is also the best trailer we’ve seen to give us a look at some of the reworked visuals, but they’re not all as great-looking as could be expected for an HD remaster. In fact, some of the characters appear to have gotten a bit worse looking since they got a sharper and fresher coat of paint. For example, Ilia in particular seems to sport a massive duckface look.


And for comparison’s sake, here’s a look at the Wii version of Ilia:


Quite a difference there. What do you think about the new coat of paint for this game? Will you be picking it up on March 4th?

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