Nintendo president wants to see more Wii U games like Splatoon and Super Mario Maker



In a recent Q&A with investors, Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima talked about the Wii U and his take on the kinds of games that are made for the platform.

Kimishima said that Splatoon and Super Mario Maker have done really well for the company, raising the “reputation” of the Wii U. He wants to see those kinds of Wii U games in the future as well.

Splatoon has been a big hit on the Wii U. Released last year, it was a new IP from Nintendo, which they don’t do that often. It was also a multiplayer shooter — something Nintendo doesn’t really do either.

Thanks to tons of post-launch support from Nintendo with free content, the game is still one of the most-played on the Wii U, and has a solid fan base.

As for Super Mario Maker, it’s been a hit on its own: players have created over 6 million levels in the game.

Sales wise, Splatoon has sold over 4 million units worldwide, while Super Mario Maker has sold over 3 million units.

Via Nintendo Japan (Japanese)

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