Nintendo outlines Miitomo launch and its new rewards program



Nintendo has announced that their first mobile app Miitomo will be available starting in March. The social communication app is based around Nintendo’s Mii characters, first popularized with the release of the Nintendo Wii.

Starting on February 17th, people in North America and Europe will be able to preregister for Miitomo by creating a new Nintendo Account using their current Nintendo Network ID, social network accounts, or even just an email address. Those who preregister for Miitomo will be the first to be notified about its availability in March.

According to the press release, Miitomo is a social app that asks users questions in order to interact with their friends and spark interesting conversations. Nintendo believes the app will create a way for friends to discover new information that they might not otherwise share in person, while also providing a way to share photos featuring the created Mii.

Launching alongside Miitomo will be Nintendo’s new rewards program, called My Nintendo. It will be available in March and will connect with Miitomo. Anyone who creates a Nintendo Account between February 17 and the launch of Miitomo in March will receive a special reward.

Aside from the launch plans for Miitomo, Nintendo did mention that an additional four more apps will be launched on mobile platforms before March 2017.

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