Nintendo NX to be revealed at Tokyo Game Show in September?



Nintendo might reveal the NX console at the Tokyo Game Show in September of this year, according to a new report. The report, coming from VRworld, believes that AMD’s recent talks about a “new console reveal” in the second half of 2016 points towards the NX at Tokyo Game Show.

However, Sony is also rumored to release their updated PS4 console, codenamed “Neo” around that time as well.

Nintendo finally confirmed the release date for the NX: the new console will launch in March 2017 with Zelda as a launch title. Although we’re not 100% sure that it’ll launch with Zelda.

According to those familiar with the NX, the console will not use standard x86 CPUs and might be using Nvidia’s Tegra system instead, which will make it about as powerful as the Xbox One.

Unveiling the NX at Tokyo Game Show will be a departure from Nintendo’s regular console reveal process: they unveiled the GameCube, Wii, and Wii U at E3. So we wouldn’t be surprised if the NX was revealed at E3 2016 next month.


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