Nintendo changes Zelda NX/Wii U release date from “March 2017” to just “2017”



Earlier this week Nintendo finally gave us some concrete Nintendo NX news: the new console will launch in March 2017 alongside the NX version of the Wii U Zelda game (just like Wii U Daily predicted over a year ago).

But the Zelda release date isn’t so certain any longer. That’s according to Nintendo’s own release date posted on their press site. Previously, the press site had pinned Zelda for a March 2017 release date as an NX launch title, but now it’s listed as just “2017”.

It would be a big deal for Nintendo to launch the NX with the new Zelda game.

The company pulled the same move with Zelda Twilight Princess, which was delayed on the GameCube so it could be launched with the Wii. And that attracted a lot more gamers to the console, especially mature audiences.

The Zelda game will be released on both the Wii U and NX, but we suspect the NX version will be vastly superior, at least in terms of graphics. Despite launching the NX in 2017, the Wii U will continue production until 2018.


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