New support characters for Pokken Tournament revealed



Three new pairs of support Pokemon have been revealed for the upcoming Pokken Tournament, including Espeon and Umbreon, Cubone and Diglett, and Magneton and Quagsire. Support characters provide additional bonuses to fighters and each as its own unique attack. Diglett can use Dig in order to aid fighters in landing combos, while Cubone uses his boomerang for a long-range attack.

Magneton lowers opponent speed with a Tri Attack and Quagsire’s Mud Bomb damages opponents who are heavily using guard. Espeon’s special uses Morning Sun to heal status effects and restore HP, while Umbreon can use Snarl to prevent your opponent from landing critical strikes.

Alongside the reveal of these additional support characters, Bandai Namco has stated there are currently no plans to add to the roster in the form of DLC after the March 18 global release of the game.

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