New NX rumor says the console has 12 GB RAM, is more powerful than PS4/Xbox One



There’s yet another Nintendo NX rumor circulating the web now, and it’s a crazy one: apparently, the NX will have 12 GB of DDR3 RAM and a CPU and GPU that are more powerful than those found in the PS4 and Xbox One.

The rumor comes from a supposed developer with access to the hardware, and says that of the 12 GB of RAM, 3 GB is reserved of the OS, while 9 GB are available for games. By comparison, the PS4 and Xbox One have 8 GB of RAM, of which (roughly) 6 GB are reserved for games.

All this was posted on Reddit, but the leaker quickly deleted the details. However, the guys at Battlefield 2143 Blog managed to snag a screenshot, which you can see below.


The source claims that the hardware will be based on x86 architecture, the same that powers the PS4 and Xbox One (and PCs). We wouldn’t be surprised at all if Nintendo went to go with a proven architecture, but we find it unlikely that the console will launch with 12 GB of RAM — it does seem a bit far fetched.

The leaker also claimed that EA will bring the next Battlefield game to the NX. Additionally, the leak claims that these games will launch with the NX:

  • Super Mario NX
  • Zelda (from the Wii U version)
  • Luigi’s Mansion
  • FIFA 17
  • Deus Ex Mankind Divided
  • Dragon Quest
  • Mass Effect Trilogy

On the other hand, if Nintendo really wants to compete on a graphical level with Sony and Microsoft, and support 4K gaming, then this sounds more plausible.

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