New NX rumor says console launches in 2016 with Zelda


New NX rumor says console launches in 2016 with Zelda

Here we go again: another “source” is claiming that Nintendo will launch the NX console this year, and that the upcoming Zelda game will be released “in the launch window” (which we at Wii U Daily suspected last year).

The rumor comes from “MetalDave”, who has a decent track record, and now claims to have been “contacted by a direct source from Nintendo”. According to his source, the NX will launch in 2016, and Zelda will be released during the launch window. The term “launch window” is usually defined as a month after console is released.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard that the NX will launch in 2016 — in fact, we’ve heard it plenty of times from plenty of other sources (even though some believe it would be a mistake to launch in 2016).

As for Zelda as a launch title, it would only make sense. Nintendo did the same thing with Twilight Princess, delaying it on the GameCube so it could be a Wii launch title. Even Nintendo themselves have said that the upcoming Zelda game is “pushing the Wii U hardware to its limits“.

As usual, take this with a grain of salt. But from a business and market standpoint, it makes perfect sense to launch a new console with the biggest game of the year.


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